Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Assignments on 05/01/16

1. SDM form [5 Jan/Ytd]
2. Medical Record form [6 Jan/tmr]
3. AUP form [6 Jan/tmr]

Homework expectations:
1. Include full name, register number, date, in all work
2. English Rep (Ray) is required to arrange hws according to register number when collecting them
3. Homework submission will be monitored
(In Spreadsheet: D- Did not submit L-Late U-Unsatisfactory)
4. EL Syllabus: Paper 1: Writing, Paper 2: Comprehension, Paper 3: Listening, Paper 4: Oral
5. Join English google classroom (2 people)

1. Join Math Google classroom
2. Math remedial on 3 pm every Wednesday
3. Homework: Misuse of Statistic notes- do 1 example from example 1-7 (pg 10-12) [6 Jan/tmr]

1. Bring water bottle + sunscreen for next S&W lesson [7 Jan/Thurs]
2. Start training for NAPFA

For people who were absent:
El: Went through homework expectations and El syllabus
Math: Went through example 7 of the notes ( Misuses of Statistic), Diagnostic test
S&W: Took height& weight, calculated BMI
Physics: Did a worksheet, summarise the chapter on sound
SS: Went through expectations, etc , Diagnostic test

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