Friday, January 15, 2016

Assignments on 15/01/16

1. Sign assessment schedule form
2. Do Pre-service learning reflection and Post-service learning reflection [16 Jan/ Sat]
3. Sign up for Flag day with CWA [1 Feb/Mon]

1. Homework 003- Histogram and Grouped Data [18 Jan/ Mon]
2, Homework 004- Histogram and Grouped Data [18 Jan/ Mon]

1. Assignment on Air and Environment (Q1-10, Q13) [18 Jan/ Mon]
2. Prepare for Class test on Air and Environment [18 Jan/ Mon]
3. Finish Concept map(etc) on a piece of paper (one-sided) for cheat sheet on your test

Social Studies: 
1. Watch 2 videos on Edpuzzle. Code: iragugu [17 Jan/Sun]

1. Do Physics holiday homework [19 Jan/ Tue]

1. Submit language skills worksheet exercise 2 [19 Jan/ Tue]
2. English language Reading programme [20 Jan/ Wed]
3. Read articles in English Facebook group.

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