Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Assignments on 06/01/16

1. SDM form [5 Jan/Tues]
2. Medical Record form [6 Jan/Ytd]
3. AUP form [6 Jan/Ytd]
4. Bring thermometer for temperature taking (assemble in class) [7 Jan/ Tmr]
5. Service Learning consent form [7 Jan/ Tmr]
6. Reminder to visit your respective polytechnic open house (attend the seminar, take photos, gather brochure, find out more about the different courses, etc.) to share your experience with the class during CE lesson [7-9Jan/ Tmr-Sat]
7. (Group leaders of service learning group) Remember to go for the recce tmr [7 Jan/ Tmr]

Social Studies:
1. Watch 2 videos on Edpuzzle. Code:iragugu [17 Jan/Sun]

1. Bring workbook every physics lesson

1. Bring LD and Textbook next lesson [7Jan/ Tmr]
2. Do holiday homework:  [7Jan/ Tmr]
    People who got A for Eoy - Application Questions on google site
    People who went for remedial at the end of last year - Concept map for all topics
    People who are in neither of the group- TYS all MCQ till the chapter of Metal

1. Bring water bottle + sunscreen [7Jan/ Tmr]

1. Hand in hardcopy of Holiday homework [8 Jan/Fri]

For people who were absent:
SS- went through ss diagnostic test
El- did a diagnostic test
Physics- went through electromagnetic wave and did a quiz on Kahoot
Chemistry- went through basic expectations and rules. End of each unit: workbook exercise ( selected question), learning log(document learning process), Concept map, Class test, TYS
Online platforms: Google community ( announcement, hw help, consultation, etc), Google site ( chem materials), Google classroom (learning log, online work submission) 
Math- did a diagnostic test

Groups for the Polytechnic open houses 

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  1. Good job Si Hui! Thank you for doing our class a service :)


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