Monday, January 4, 2016

First day of school (4/01/16)

  1. Submit your signed SDM form. [5 Jan Tmr]
  2. Submit the learning journey sign-up form sent to your email. [5 Jan Tmr] (For People in Group D2)
  3. Remember to bring your thermometer. [7 Jan Thurs]
  4. There will be a Cohort photo taking. [3 Feb Wed]
  5. Remember to assemble in class every Wednesday morning.
  6. Reminder for Leaders of each group + Sl reps to go on a recce at NMS [5Jan/7Jan, Tmr/Thurs]
    Group 1: Sid, Mahidhar, Raveen, Darryl
    Group 2: Ian, Ray, Kimberly, Walter
    Group 3: Julian, Khairul, Si Hui, Thomas, Lakshitha
    Group 4: Sandeep, Pasan, Laviin, Joel, Yadunand
    Group 5: Qayyum, Arkar, Taufiq, Haris, Wei Xuan
  7. Remember to visit your respective polytechnic open house and share your experience with the class during one of the CE lessons.
Class theme: Childhood Cartoon Shows
Mission: To find enjoyment in learning
Vision: Close your eyes, and open your heart, Believe in yourself that’s how it starts 
1. Academic Goal: Work hard to obtain Msg < 2.0
2. Relationship: Not to exclude anyone in the class
3. Responsibility: Make this final a year a memorable one.
1. Respect
2. Relationship
3. Responsibility 
4. Reflection
Code of conduct:
1. Be responsible for studies 
2. Hand in homework on time
3. Pay attention in class
Class Exco: 
Chairman - Lim Wei Xuan
Vice-Chairman - Bryan Chang Ding Lun
Secretary - Ling Si Hui, Shiho
Treasurer - Thomas Joseph Lee Alba

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