Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Assignments on 02/02/16

1. Make copies of the CCE content page
2. Cohort photo taking [3 Feb/ Tmr]

1. Log revision ws if you want to do
2. AM Differentiation 01A Q6-Q8, Q2h, Q2e [4 Feb/ Thurs]
3. Find out using desmos the shape of the graph of y=√x, y=√x3, y=√x5 [3 Feb/ Tmr]

Social Studies:
1. Note-taking and Evaluation  Bonding Singapore Part 2] [10 Feb/ Nxt Wed]

1. Chapter 4 & 5 SEQ Practice [12 Feb/ Nxt Fri]

1. Periodic Class test + A4 Cheatsheet [10 Feb/Wed]
2. Do Correction for air and atmosphere class quiz

1. $6.50 for Physics TYS

1. English language Reading program T1W4&5 [5 Feb /Fri]
2. Prepare English file with dividers

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