Monday, February 22, 2016

Assignments on 22/02/16

1. AM Differentiation 01D Q5,7,8 [26 Feb/ Fri]
2. AM Differentiation 01E Q1d,1e, 2,3,4 [26 Feb/ Fri]

Social Studies:
1. Do 2 Case Study of terrorist attack, create a newsletter
2. SBQ Questions [24 Feb/ Wed]
3. Google classroom reading task (Paul's Wheel of Reasoning) [24 Feb/ Wed]

1. History Group assignment [ 29 Feb/ Mon]
2. History Chapter 5 Part 2 Pair Work [26 Feb/ Fri]

1. Ionic Equation Quiz this week
2. Energy changes Quiz (Cheatsheet) [25 Feb/Thur]

1. Complete Physics TYS by level test
2. Physics Chapter 16 Workbook pg 151,152,158,159,160 [23 Feb/Tmr]

1. English visual text quiz [23 Feb/ Tmr] 

1. Homework on Chinese Google classroom [23 Feb/ Tmr] 
2. 居安思危演讲 -不同身份[23 Feb/ Tmr] 

1. Do/Update Coaching sheet for today's lesson [23 Feb/ Tmr] 
2. Next Coaches do coaching sheet [23 Feb/ Tmr] 

For the Floorball people:
Chinese: 心理描写-直接(内心独白,幻觉),间接(动作,肖像,环境), did the formative assessment about '卖火柴的女孩’
Math: Went through 3 questions (take note that dy/dx ≠ dx/dy)
Physics: Revision of all topics tested on level test (mindmap), Did a Kahoot quiz
Foe: Went through tutorial 14- (KCL, KVL, Thevenin)
History: Talked about USA contribution and D-day, download history chapter 5 part 2 and complete by next lesson

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